About the Seresto Collar

Pet House is now carrying the Seresto collar for cats and dogs.  This amazing little collar is made by Bayer, the same maker of Advantage II and Advatix, and is proven to kills fleas, ticks, larvae and lice for up to 8 months on cats and dogs.  The Seresto collar is made out of a unique polymer matrix that allows a continuous supply of active ingredients released in low concentrations that ensures reliable 8 month protection.  It is water resistant so there is no need to remove the collar before swimming or bathing, however if dogs or cats are bathed more than once per month the collar is only effective for up to 5 months.  The collar is non-greasy, odorless, and has a safety release mechanism.  It comes in 2 sizes for dogs and is recommended for puppies 7 weeks and older, and one size for cats 10 weeks and older.

Info on Fleas

A single flee can bite up 400 times per day, so even if  you don’t see fleas on your cat or dog they can still be attacking them.  In a flea infestation, only 5% of the flea population are adult fleas that may be seen on your pet.  95% of fleas live as immature stages in the pet surroundings as a pupae (10%), larvae (35%), and as eggs (50%).  Fleas can lead to serious health risks such as:

-Skin problems: Fleas bites can cause fleas allergy dermatitis, an allergic reaction that can lead to severe itching, constant scratching, and hair loss

-Intestinal parasites: Ingestion of fleas can transmit tapeworm- a common intestinal parasite

-Anemia: Sick and older animals can become anemic when infested with fleas

For more information on the Seresto collar or other flea medications, please contact Pet House, stop by and talk to one of our knowledgeable employees, or visit the Bayer Website