catsLooking for a cat or a kitten?  There are many great local cat rescues: Animal Shelter Assistance Program (ASAP), Resqcats, County Animal Services and the Humane Society.

If a purebred is what you are interested in try the Cat Fanciers Association for information on breeds and breeders.

Pet House has a fantastic selection of toys, scratchers, fountains, treats, beds and health aids for your cat.

Cat Foods

Confused from all the conflicting information about cat nutrition?  Fussy eater? Special dietary needs?  Let us help you sort out fact from fiction and match the best diet for your cat.

Brands of cat food we carry:

*Royal Canin * Hills Ideal Balance * Science Diet * Wellness * Core * Holistic Select* By Nature * Eukanuba * Iams * Evanger’s * Merrick * Nutro * Natural Balance * Taste of the Wild * Orijen * Precise * WeruvaTiki * BFF * Felidae * Avoderm *

* We can special order many other brands.


Sophie and Sidney