dogsLooking for a Dog?  We at Pet House don’t believe puppies belong in a pet store. It’s unhealthy for the puppy and they almost always come from puppy mills.

If you want a purebred, a great place to start would be the American Kennel Club (AKC). On this site you can find information about purebred dogs and whether or not the dog of your dreams is a good match. There are many great local dog rescues: Animal Rescue, County Animal Services, K9 Pals Santa Barbara, Humane Society, DAWG Santa Barbara, Cold Noses, Warm Hearts, Second Chance Cockers, and The Homestretch Greyhound Rescue.

Not interested in a purebred? You can start by going to your local humane societies.  Here is a link to our Santa Barbara County Animal Services web site, where you can find information about local shelter’s and rescue organizations.

We are always looking for the latest and best products for dogs. From puppy toys and training accessories to beds, supplements, and grooming products, we have just what you’ll need throughout the lifetime of your best friend.

Dog food

Confused from all the information on the internet about dog nutrition?   Let us help you sort out fact from fiction and match the best diet for your dog.

Brands of dog food we carry:

Royal Canin * Hills Ideal Balance * Science Diet * Wellness * Core * Holistic Select * AvoDermBy Nature * Eukanuba * Iams  * Merrick * Nutrisca * Dogswell * Nutro * Natural Balance * Taste of the Wild * OrijenAcanaStella and Chewy’s * Small Batch RawTuckers Bones * CanidaePreciseWeruvaTiki  * Sojos*

* We can special order many other brands.