reptilesAt Pet House we carry a variety of reptiles from all over the world and always provide captive bred animals when ever possible. From easy care beginner species, such as the bearded dragon, leopard gecko and corn snake to the more exotic green tree python and the Malaysian horned frog, we always have a wide selection of reptiles and amphibians.

We do not carry monitors, tegus, iguanas, or large python/boa breeds.

We have a large selection of lighting, bedding, terrariums, bowls, décor, and can match the proper items with your reptile.

We carry 5 sizes of crickets, mini mealworms to super worms, wax worms and night crawlers. We have both live and frozen feeder mice and rats.




Looking For something Different?

The experienced staff at Pet House can help find options for you, if you are considering an exotic pet. If there is a particular reptile you are looking for, Pet House can  help you get the information you need. Please contact the store for additional information. When  ordering a reptile with more difficult care needs, there are some things to consider before making your decision. Talking to a Pet House staff expert can help you set your goal and asses which particular reptile is right for you.