Looking for a Small Animal? On this site you can find information about all types of Small Animals. There are so many small mammals that make great pets for children and adults alike!   We carry the animals that are legal to own in California and that are friendly little companions.





Rabbits are extremely social and intelligent small animals and are one of the most playful companion pets. These clever little animals enjoy exercise and are not happy spending most of their day in a cage. They require a lot of attention and are known for forming strong bonds with their owners. They can be litter box trained, much like a cat, and enjoy supervised playtime in your house or outdoors in a rabbit proof area. It is important to provide your rabbit with chew items such as wicker balls, wood chews, and hay cubes for dental health and lots of toys for mental stimulation.

At Pet House we only carry dwarf rabbit breeds such as the Holland Lop, Netherland, Hoto, Dutch, and Mini Rex. For more information on rabbits, come to Pet House and talk to one of our rabbit experts.

We carry Oxbow and Kaytee rabbit food and hay and a great selection of toys, treats, cages and accessories.




Guinea Pigs

There is a good reason guinea pigs have become so popular as pets. The guinea pig, or cavy, is one of the friendliest small animals to own. From their squeaks and purrs, to their excitement at getting a favorite treat, the guinea pig is a great first pet. They may be a little timid and shy at first but once they are comfortable with you, their personalities will shine! They will often whistle or squeak when they get excited to see you or when receiving a special treat. Guinea pigs are very smart and love to spend time outside of their cage in a large guinea pig proof area. Several guinea pigs may be kept together in a large enough cage and usually love having a buddy.

We carry Oxbow and Kaytee guinea pig food and hay.






Syrian and dwarf hamsters have been a traditional pet for children. With their poor eyesight and nocturnal nature, if startled, they can be nippy. Our breeder has selected for temperament, so when given frequent attention and handled correctly, they can be friendly and docile. While dwarf hamsters of the same sex may get along, most hamsters are solitary animals so we recommend keeping only one hamster per cage. With their need to go, go, go, hamsters require some sort of exercise ball or wheel. With their dense coat, like the chinchilla, dwarf hamsters require a dust bath to keep their coat clean and fluffy.

We carry Oxbow and Kaytee hamster foods and all the housing, treats, tunnels, chews and exercise equipment your hamster needs.






Rats are intelligent, clean, lovable and affectionate animals that bond easily with their owner. They are not happy being locked up in a cage all day, as they are very active and social. Rats are very intelligent and can be taught to perform tricks. They are our favorite small animal pet because of their great personalities. At Pet House we have been receiving our rats from the same breeder for over 16 years. She breeds specifically for temperament and color. Our male rats are neutered which can increase their lifespan.

We carry Oxbow, Kaytee and Supreme rat foods, cages, toys, chews, treats and bedding.



Brands of small animal food we carry:

Kaytee * Ox Bow * Supreme Petfoods